Journal Issue 10 Number 2

The new 10th anniversary issue of the Journal of Sports Science and Health is available online. We are proud of this small anniversary of our Journal and we are grateful to all the authors who in these twenty issues, with their works, contributed to the Journal "Sports Science and Health" becoming a reference and to be in the Scopus citation database.

So far, in the past ten years, 171 papers have been published, of which: 87 original scientific papers, 24 review papers, 46 short presentations and 14 professional papers. We continue to give our contribution to science.

Rounding off the ten-year cycle in which our Journal lives, we invite fellow experts and researchers to continue to present their knowledge, dilemmas, experiences and research, publishing their works in the Journal "Sports Science and Health". 

Happy 2021 and be healthy!


The Tenth International Conference

The Tenth International Conference, held on 25.06.2020 at the Paneuropean university "Apeiron", Banja Luka.


At a recent session of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, a list of speakers at the plenary session was established:

  1. Prof. Dušan Mitić, PhD, University of Belgrade, with the topic '' Supporting an Active and Healthy Lifestyle '',
  2. Prof. Damir Knjaz, PhD, University of Zagreb, with the topic '' Physical activity, aging and health '' and
  3. Prof. emmeritus Mirjana Vojinovic-Miloradov, University of Novi Sad, with the topic '' Magical structure of liquid water, health and sport ''.

Papers for the Conference are coming in daily, and we hope for a traditionally great turnout. In particular, students from the Faculty of Sport Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences will be hired during the course, who will volunteer for blood pressure, triglyceride and body composition measurements in the cabinets of the University.

The tenth International conference


We would like to inform you that this year we are holding the 10th (Jubilee) International Conference "Sports Sciences and Health" and in this regard we are making intensive preparations in order for the Conference to be at its best. So far, the participation of a large number of country participants from the region has been confirmed. At yesterday's joint session, the organizing and scientific committees defined the program and protocol of all activities for the Conference.

With respect

President of the Organizing Committee

phd Velibor Srdić

A new issue of our journal has been published!

"If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts."Albert Einstein 

Dear readers,

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the new issue of Sports Sciences and Health, where you can read interesting articles by authors from the country and the region. We can say that another successful working year is behind us and we are proud that the Journal has been published for the ninth year in a row. In the new issue of the journal you can find papers on the motivation of students in physical education lessons, assessing the mental state of competitors in top sports, physical activity of students in leisure time, football players sprint at different levels of competition, the impact of certain treatments on the status of the locomotor system, the impact of training on motor skills of volleyball players, and teachers’ attitudes about student talent. 

We hope that with this issue we have satisfied the interests of the broader reading population and at the same time we invite all colleagues to participate in the work of the Journal in the coming period, by submitting scientifi c papers. All suggestions and comments are welcome and we thank all our kind colleagues for their cooperation. The Editorial Board will work with you to further improve the quality of the Journal itself.

We wish everyone a happy and successful New Year 2020!


You can find the whole magazine with all the articles here:

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