Invitation to participate in the 11th International Conference on "Sports Science and Health"

The Conference will be held online via zoom. To join the Zoom Meeting follow this link: 

Meeting ID: 679 192 8209

Passcode: FDH540 

The link and login data will be the same for both days.

Organized by
Pan-European University "Apeiron" Banja Luka
(College of Sports Management and Coaching, College of Health Care and Nursing).
  • Gerlev Pe & Sport Academy, Slagelse, Danska
  • Kazakh National Pedagogical University Abai, Kazakstan
  • TIMS (fakultet za sport i turizam), Novi Sad, Srbija
  • Lipetsk State Pedagogical University. Lipetsk, Rusija

  • March 18-19, 2021. (Thursday and Friday)

Pan-European University "Apeiron", Vojvode Pere Krece 13, Banja Luka
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Latitude N 44,45,21,649
Longitude E 17,11,4,335 grada.pdf

  • Preschool education in the function of child development
  • Modern school physical education in the function of proper growth and development of children and youth
  • Modern physical education and youth health
  • University sports as a factor of healthy living
  • Sport in the function of recreation and health of citizens
  • Sports and recreational activities as anti-stress factor
  • Use of sports and recreational activities in the change of people’s lifestyle
  • Modern sports and recreational activities (fitness, extreme sports, etc.) and health of exercisers
  • Corrective exercises and kinetic therapy in the elimination of postural disorders
  • Sport for people with special needs as a function of training for life and work
  • Disabled sports as a factor of health and social reintegration
  • Top sport and health
  • Physiotherapy in sports
  • Nutrition, nutritional therapy and dietetics in sports
  • Sports management
  • Other current topics related to sports science and health

Please confirm your participation in the Conference by March 12, 2021 and send your registration through the website using the Paper Submission Form.

This year's International Conference will be held through the ZOOM platform.

We would like to emphasize that a certain number of scientific papers will be published in a special issue of the journal "Sports Science and Health", which is on the Scopus list.

With the registration of the work, it is obligatory to send the scanned payment slip of the registration fee to the e-mail of the conference secretary:

When paying the registration fee, the costs of the transaction are borne by the author.

All information about the Conference can be followed via the website

Authors from more than 10 countries are expected to participate this year.

The registration should contain:
  • First and last name of the author (co-author)*;
  • Institution you work for and occupation;
  • Contact information (e-mail, phone number, address);
  • Title of the paper and abstract in one of the languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
    (up to 150 words, Times New Roman, font size 12, single-spaced) and in English;
  • Keywords (up to 5 words) 

*One author (co-author) can't be registered for more than two papers.


  For more details please read Instruction for authors.

Registration fee
Registration fee of 100 KM (50 euros) can be paid by March 12, 2021, into one of the following bank accounts of the Pan-European University "Apeiron" (indicate: Conference).

Account for payment of a fee :

555-007-0022-4960-12 of the Pan-European University "Apeiron" (marked "for the Conference").

Account for payment of a fee is sent as a seperate pdf file.

Registration fee includes: accreditation materials, cocktail party, journal, proceedings (in electronic form), and certificate. Journal and Proceedings will be delivered after the reviews of works by the anonymous review committee.

We hope that your participation in the Eleventh International Conference on "Sports Science and Health" will make a professional, scientific and social contribution to sport and health, and we thank you in advance.


Faculty of Sport Sciences

Phd Velibor Srdić: +387 (0) 51 247 924; 


Phd Osmo Bajrić: +387 (0) 51 247 936; 


Sekretar – Srboljub Vuković +387 65 310 686


College of Health Care and Nursing

Phd dr Liljana Stojanović Bijelić: +387 (0) 51 247 923;;

Phd dr Branislav Mihajlović: +387 (0) 51 247 935;

E-mail: branislav.r.mihajlovic@apeiro

Phd Gordan Bajić;


Banja Luka, 26.01.2021.
For the Organizing Committee:
Phd Velibor Srdić, president

Invited speakers at the plenary session of the Tenth International Conference on "Sports Science and Health"

At a recent session of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, a list of speakers at the plenary session was established:

  1. Prof. Dušan Mitić, PhD, University of Belgrade, with the topic '' Supporting an Active and Healthy Lifestyle '',
  2. Prof. Damir Knjaz, PhD, University of Zagreb, with the topic '' Physical activity, aging and health '' and
  3. Prof. emmeritus Mirjana Vojinovic-Miloradov, University of Novi Sad, with the topic '' Magical structure of liquid water, health and sport ''.

Papers for the Conference are coming in daily, and we hope for a traditionally great turnout. In particular, students from the Faculty of Sport Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences will be hired during the course, who will volunteer for blood pressure, triglyceride and body composition measurements in the cabinets of the University.

The Tenth International Conference on "Sports Science and Health"


We would like to inform you that this year we are holding the 10th (Jubilee) International Conference "Sports Sciences and Health" and in this regard we are making intensive preparations in order for the Conference to be at its best. So far, the participation of a large number of country participants from the region has been confirmed. At yesterday's joint session, the organizing and scientific committees defined the program and protocol of all activities for the Conference. 

With respect

President of the Organizing Committee

phd Velibor Srdić

Sports science base their existence on the knowledge of fundamental scientific fields (biology, medicine, philosophy, history, physics, chemistry), but also on sociology, psychology, pedagogy, cybernetics, and other sciences. In addition to relying on these sciences, sport, primarily as a social, but also a biological phenomenon, has been developing into an independent science, which has not been defined completely yet, primarily because of its multidisciplinary character.

In order to define better a very important part of sports science – health and the impact of sport on human health- we came up with the idea to organize this scientific conference on “SPORTS SCIENCE AND HEALTH”, which will make a concrete contribution to the efforts of sports and medicine to make people healthier and more able to live and work, and which will also make sports and recreational activities become their lifestyle.