Instruction for authors


First and last name of the first author1, First and last name of the second author2

1Name of the Organization, 2Name of the Organization

Abstract: Every paper must contain the abstract. You should bring basic idea with fi nal results of research to abstract. Paper should be written according the guideline bellow. Abstract may contain up to 250 words.
Key Words: Maximum of five, key words or phrases, separated by commas.


The paper must contain clear introduction, problem statement, method of resolving the problem, results, conclusion, and references. It shoud not contain more than 8 pages of A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm) including fi gures, tables, references. Paper margins must be: top and bottom 2.5 cm, inside 2.5 cm and outside 2 cm. Pages are not ought to be numbered.
The paper title (use 12 point Times New Roman type of text; the title must be highlighted with Bold option) should be positioned in the middle of the fi rst page, shifted two spaces, font size 10pt, below top margin. After the title, one should leave one space, font size10 pt. The paper must be sent to the Congress Programme Board in electronic form (DOC) via Paper Submission Form, or as an email attachment to

There should be a caption above the table, which says, for example „Table 1. Intercorrelation matrix”. Below the fi gure, there should be the fi gure number and legend, for example “Figure 3: Work with preschoolers”.

Manuscripts may be rejected if written in poor English or Slavic language. The author is fully responsible for the style (formal, unbiased in any sense), language, and content of the paper. Yet, the Editorial Board has the right to comment on the form and language of the paper before it is accepted for publication. A good, standard command of grammar is expected in written English. Please, avoid non-standard abbreviations.


It is necessary to cite all sources used for your paper. APA citation style is recommended.
Authors must write the Contact of the corresponding author with his/her full name, academic title, institution, address, e-mail address and phone number (optionally).


Submissions to the journal will initially be evaluated by the Editorial Board using several criteria: the appropriateness of the topic and content for the journal; the editing (preparation of the manuscript) and format; and “general” merit. If these criteria are met, the submission will undergo a double-blind review process by at least two acknowledged and independent reviewers, with the review process taking up to 8 weeks.

Only the papers that receive positive reviews will be accepted. One of the crucial reasons for the review is to provide quotations and references of relevant literature. The Editorial Board has the right to comment on the form of the paper before it is accepted for publication. The Editorial Board is not obliged to publish papers in chronological sequence of their receipt or in the sequence in which they have been accepted for publication. No substantial part of the submission should have been published elsewhere. The adducing of the results in extracts, summaries, abstracts, dissertations and Master’s theses, reviews and conference papers (up to three pages, containing abstracts, graphical presentations and references) are not considered as publishing. If the manuscript contains the results that have already been published, the author(s) must get the consent of the first publisher and quote the source clearly.